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What is a tent leg extender?

Tents are used a lot when we are outside.  Most commonly they are thought of as a way to keep us safe from the rain.  Tents are also valuable when it is very sunny out too. They provide shade for your guests.  But there is a third function which we don’t often think about and that is the provision of an “area”. The dining area is under a tent, The cocktail event is under a tent, The speeches during the groundbreaking are under a tent.  All of those work well with the normal height of a tent.
But what about if we are using the tent to cover a stage that an MC or a band is standing on?
A standard marquee tent leg is 9′ 3″ high and for a dinner or cocktail event that would probably be ok.  When using a tent to cover a stage we may want a stage to be 24″ high. That helps to ensure that people watching from the back of the crowd can see who is on the stage. If we put a standard tent height over our 24″ stage, the top of the tent will now seem very low.
That is why we have leg extenders for marquee tents. Leg extenders come in 15″ and 36″ lengths.  So that means you can raise the height of your marquee tent by up to 3′!
Rowe Services carry leg extenders to help ensure everyone can see who is on your stage!
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