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How can I create a photo backdrop for an event?

Capturing photos at an event is always a lot of fun and provides a way for everyone to create lasting memories.
There are a few ways you can do this:
1. Hire a company that provides photos booths and they can bring one to your event. There a number of them in Metro Vancouver and one that we have always been happy with is:
2. Rent a photo booth and have a friend provide the camera.  This is a less expensive option but ensure you have a friend that knows what they are doing! Rowe Services has photo booths available for rent:
3. Rent a photo backdrop.  The backdrop could be a green screen, a particular colour or an actual image that stays the same for the whole event.  (Maybe the image matches your event theme). Rowe Services as a few options for photo backdrops:  We can even help you easily source a photo backdrop.
For the second and third option, you should also consider the use of LED lights on stands to ensure good lighting for all your photos!!
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