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Specialists in rentals and services for events and activities

Sales, Rental equipment & Services for clients, large or small. Providing service to the Lower Mainland of BC. At Rowe Events, our mission is to elevate every occasion by providing premier event rental solutions. Dedicated to our customers' satisfaction, we provide exemplary service and employ a team of passionate professionals who go above and beyond!


Backyard and park gatherings are made much easier when you have the rentals you need to host them. Rowe has packages of tents, umbrellas, tables, chairs and outdoor games that will help you have fun with your family and friends * We deliver on the Friday of your choice and pickup on the Monday, so you have the use of the rentals for up to three days!*


We are ready to help you and/or your wedding planner with your wedding including the provision of any of the rentals you might need for your backyard or park weddings. We carry everything including tents, tables, chairs, wedding canopies, games, photo backdrops and decorative lighting!*

* Rental is subject to BC Health officer guidelines at the time of rental delivery


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What types of tables are available to rent?

There are various options for tables that can be rented for events, including: 1. Round tables: These are commonly used for formal events like weddings and banquets. 2. Rectangular tables:…
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Should I rent or buy items for my event?

Should I buy or rent items for my event is a question that is often asked.  You should never rent items if buying is a better option.  Rental companies like…

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