Used For Sale

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Fabric Wall Partition

We have one black fabric wall partition available for sale. It has some wear and tear. You could use it as a divider and/or for tacking items to it! Includes…

Plywood Table

We have some 2’ x 8’ plywood tables which would still be great for camping, a workshop or many other uses.  We just need to free up some space for…

Table Skirting

We have a number of colours of table skirting that we no longer use in such large quantities so want to make some space in our warehouse.  13’ lengths are…

Wenger Stage Decks

We have some 4’ x 8’ Wenger stage decks that are still useable but not for rental anymore.  Does not come with legs or connectors.  The wood is ¾” plywood…

Wood Banquet Tables

Our premium wood banquet tables are manufactured from the highest quality birch plywood specifically selected for its strength, non-warping characteristics and long term durability. This plywood is glued with waterproof…