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If at time of delivery items are missing from your order, please report the shortage to the delivery driver.  If an item is discovered after the driver leaves, please call Rowe Services at 604-303-0650.  If it is after business hours please leave a message.  We cannot accept delivery quantity disputes after the rental.

We count and check the items upon return to our warehouse and we often find shortages, damage or cleaning requirements.  It is rare for us to miscount as we count and have a second person double check when the order is filled. It is checked and verified again when returned to the warehouse.  You will be notified of any missing, damaged or dirty items within two days of return.

We provide linen bags to return linens to us, as unfortunately linens are often misplaced if different bags or boxes are used. 

Quite often linens are returned with stains, wax damage or holes,  Customers will be notified of these damages and for the most part the “damage waiver” will cover minor stains and wax damage but additional cleaning charges may apply.  If the linen is deemed not re-rentable, it will be charged to the customer at replacement rates even if the damage waiver was taken by the client

  1.  Once items are identified as missing we will contact you and inform you of the items and the quantity.
  2.  We will ask that you try to find and return the items within 48 hours as we may need to re-rent these items following your rental.
  3.  If not returned, we will charge your credit card for the replacement
  4.  If the item is returned within 30 days we will credit your credit card the amount charged.
  5.  If the items are damaged you will be charged for their replacement cost
  6.  If the items are dirty, they will be cleaned and you may be charged for those charges if it was deemed excessive
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