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How do I try and keep people safe from falling off a stage?

Stages are a common item that are used at an event to provide a raised space for speakers, performers or maybe even a head table. So how do I try and keep people safe from falling off a stage?

  • Stages come in many sizes.
    • Stages are primarily made using 4’ x 4’ and 4’ x 8’ decks which mean that they can be made into almost any size you require. (Triangle and round pieces are also available)
  • Decide how high you want your stage.
    • Stages with fixed height legs usually start at 8” and go up from there.  12”, 16”, 24”, 32” and 40”.  Stages with variable height legs can be made to be any height, but what can also determine height is what height skirts are available to surround your stage. Skirts are usually made to fit stages using fixed leg heights.
  • The next consideration is safety.
    • If you have chosen a higher stage such as 24”, 32” or 40”, you really need to consider your liability issues.  What if someone fell off your stage during the event? Generally you want to ensure people in your audience can see performers on the stage so you don’t want to have any obstacles such as guard rails on the front. That is just a fall risk you probably need to take. But you may want to have something on the sides or the back if your stage is not against a wall.  You can use what is called a guard rail.  Guard rails generally come in 4’ or 8’ sections and can be attached to the sides of your stage decks.

Rowe Events has guard rails that can be added to our stages that we rent or maybe even stages that you own.

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