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Should I rent walls for my tent?

Whether you need walls for your rented tent depends on various factors like weather conditions, privacy needs, and the type of event. Walls can provide extra protection from wind and rain, as well as create a more enclosed and intimate atmosphere.
When renting a tent, you typically have options for different types of walls:
  • Solid Walls: These provide complete privacy and protection from wind, rain, and sunlight. They are ideal for events where privacy is important or in case of adverse weather conditions.
  • Window Walls: These walls have clear vinyl panels, allowing natural light to enter while still providing some protection from the elements. They are suitable for events where you want to maintain a connection with the surroundings while also offering some shelter.
  • Mesh Walls: These walls are made of mesh fabric, providing ventilation while keeping insects out. They are suitable for events in warm weather or locations prone to bugs.
  • Speciality walls:  The can be walls such as a wall that spells out a word such as “LOVE”
Consider the specific needs of your event and the prevailing weather conditions when deciding which type of walls to include with your tent rental.
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