10 x 10 Pop-Up Tent

A 10 x 10 pop-up tent is a quick and easy way to add a tent to your event. A pop-up tent can be used with or without window or…
10 x 20 pop up

10 x 20 Pop Up Tent

A 10 x 20 pop up tent is a quick and easy way to add a tent to your event.  Use pop ups at any outdoor event to protect your…
10lb rubber weight

10lb Tent Weight

Our 10lb Tent Weight are Polyethylene shells filled with solid concrete. They have an interlocking design for easy stacking and transport and will fits canopy legs up to 1 1/4″…

250lb concrete blocks

Our 250lb concrete blocks are used when extra weight is required for anchoring tents.  One can be placed at each corner.

25lb Rubber U-Shape Weight

Our 25lb Rubber U-Shape Weights are made of long lasting high density rubber. They are the best way to weigh a product down in all conditions. They can be stacked…
LOVE wall

Marquee Love Side Wall

This Marquee Love Side Wall is 8’H x 20’W and has the letters LOVE as see through. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a 20′ wide marquee…

Marquee Tent

Expand your floor space for your restaurant, cover customers as they wait in line, provide additional break space for employees
zipper door wall

Marquee Zipper Door Wall

If you need to “secure” your tent but still want some access, ask us about adding a marquee zippered door wall for your rental

Pop Up Tent Wall

These pop up tent walls are 10ft wide and 8ft high. Our walls come with a zipper seam on either end to adhere to other walls, as well as velcro…