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Do I need weights for tent legs when I put up a tent?

Tents are often used to expand event or activity space.  Tents might be used to provide cover in case of inclement weather, to shade guests from too much sun, or just be used to create a defined space.  For events, tents could be used for many different event types such as a dinner, a reception or even a ground breaking. But they can be used for lots of other activities such as covering people waiting in line-ups outside a store, expanding staff eating space, or day camps just to name a few.
Whatever the use, everyone needs to ensure that tents are used in a safe manner.  One of the issues to be concerned about is to ensure that tents are secure in the event of wind storms.  The staff at Rowe Services quite often attend events in our personal lives and see tents that are not secured properly.  This is a potential danger to not only anyone in attendance, but also people who could be struck by a tent that lifts, rolls or flips and hits them.  This is also a huge liability for the event organizer!
Therefore some sort of anchorage must be used, regardless of what kind of tent. Weights and/or rope and staking, must be used for pop-up tents, marquee tents, maxi-frame tents, etc
Some of the weight types available are:
  • Sandbags
  • Rubber weights
  • Stakes
  • Water bottles / drums
  • Cement blocks
There are pros and cons to each type of anchoring. Rowe Services can provide your event or activity with all your tenting needs. We can answer any questions that you have about tenting and are happy to do a site visit to help you determine all your requirements!
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