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What are the different types of crowd control items available for rent?

Crowd control products are used for many purposes. Some of the uses are: create a checkout line, a queue, a safety barrier or to keep people at a distance due to covid protocols!
Chrome stations
Chrome stanchions are used with coloured velour rope that is generally 6 to 7ft in length. They are used to create a classy look. Generally a premium 2″ thick velour rope with matching stainless steel snap ends is used. There are a few colours of rope available. The most common colours are: red, black and blue. Stainless steel posts are 2″ thick and the bases is around 20lb. A heavy base is to help is not tip over.
Chrome stanchions are recommended for museums, restaurants, theaters and special events for their “red carpet”.
Retractable stations
Retractable stanchions are easy to set up and rearrange, so you can create whatever crowd control layout you need at a moment’s notice. Each post uses an extendable nylon belt, some up to 6 feet in length, allowing you to create dividers and perimeters in many shapes and sizes. These retractable stanchions with four-way adapters also make it easy to arrange complex setups. Every post has three receiving points, so changing your queue line layout is as simple as sliding the end of the belt off one pole and locking it onto another. This feature makes opening and closing lanes a breeze, as well. Because there is no complicated mechanism or hardware involved, you can restructure your whole crowd control layout in minutes — no tools required
Delineators are a molded plastic product that are 45″ high and approx 3″ wide with a detachable 10 lb rubber base that is approx 12″ square.
They are useable inside or outside but more commonly used outside.  Comes in multiple colours including: black, orange, blue, green, yellow, white. Usually used in conjunction with a plastic chain or flagging tape.   It is considered an inexpensive way to handle crowd control issues.
Galvanized fencing
Galvanized fencing is usually approx 40″ high and comes in 2 main lengths. 8.5′ and 10′.  There are two types of legs. Flat legs which sit flush on ground to prevent tripping in high-traffic areas and Bridge Feet which keep the barrier level on grass and uneven ground. They have a hook at one end and a loop of some sort at the other.  This allows the fencing to be connected together.  Galvanized fencing can have “jackets” added around it to hide much of the metal if desired or to use the fencing as a way to display signage.
3′ pipe and drape
Pipe and drape is commonly known as the items used at trade shows to create a booth for exhibitors.  The same concept can be used to create a crowd control device by using smaller poles.  By using a 3′ high pole and shorter drape.  They are also a great way to not only handle crowd control but also give you the ability to have something to hang signage from.  When paired with retractable cross braces you have great flexibility for your design.  This product would usually only be used inside.
Rowe has all these items available in its inventory to handle your crowd control needs!
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