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What do I need to run a coat check at my event?

When guests attend an event they often arrive wearing a jacket or coat.  An item they may not want to wear or carry around during the event.  This means you will need to provide coat racks and hangers for your guests.
You will need to think about eight things:

Coat racks

Most coat racks are 5′ long, 2′ wide about 5′ tall. They usually have wheels on all four corners making the racks easy to move.


There are a few different types of hangers.
Inexpensive metal (like the ones that come from a dry cleaners)
These are fine and often ok to use, but they do not hold a really heavy jacket and a jacket could fall to the floor.
Heavy duty metal
These are the ones commonly used by rental companies due to their ability to hold a heavy jacket and any other items a guest might bring such as an umbrella.
Some companies still use wooden hangers, but they are often heavier than metal and sometimes have a curve to them which may mean you get less jackets per rack.

Coat Check tickets

If you managing your own coat check, don’t forget that you will need coat check tickets.  One, two part ticket for each jacket! (one part for the guest and one part to hang on the hanger)

Limited liability signage

Ensure you post signage that says you are not responsible for lost items!!


Think carefully how many staff or volunteers you may need.  Guests often arrive spread out over an hour, but when the event ends they might all leave at once.  Plan your staffing accordingly!


Allow space for the coat racks and space around each one so that staff or volunteers can access each rack.


Have a few tables setup at the front of your coat check area so that guests can not access the coat racks themselves.  You need to ensure you can control the flow of taking and returning jackets!
Will you be taking a donation or fee for looking after someone’s coat?  If so, ensure you have some sort of container to keep the money safe
Rowe Services rents coat racks and hangers and our rule of thumb has always been to plan for no more than 40 heavy garments per coat rack.
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