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What different kinds of dance floors are available for an event?

There are generally three kinds of dance floors.  Plastic or laminate, wood and LED.  The kind you choose will often be determined by the colour you want, whether you are running an indoor or outdoor event or just by what your event rental companies have available.

The most common dance floor designs or types are:

  • Oak (light brown)
  • Walnut (Dark wood)
  • Black
  • White
  • Black and White checkered
  • LED starlight, disco or colour palette

There are more.  These are just the most common and any of these floors can even have vinyl images added to them to add branding for a corporate event or the name of the wedding couple.

Some dance floors are not made for outdoor use, so ask your rental supplier what is best for your event!

If you are hosting an outdoor event and want a dance floor, you may also need to first lay down a sub floor.  This is to ensure a flat surface for the dance floor to sit on. Your event rental company can help you determine if that is necessary. Pricing of a dance floor does not include a sub floor so that will be an added cost.

Rowe Events can help you with all your dance floor needs from wood dance floors to LED dance floors!

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