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How can I cool down the air at an event?

In the summer time it can get quite warm at an event.  Our guests are often looking for ways to cool down.
There are a few ways we can do this.


Try and have your event in an area with lots of trees to provide natural shade

Purchased items

Cooling bandanas
The bandana is soaked in cold water and then a bandana is provided to each guest that they tie around their head.  They cost about $5 each


Provide tenting so that guests can find a little shade. But shade doesn’t actually make temperatures cooler. Rather, being in direct sunlight, solar radiation makes the air feel 10 to 15 degrees warmer than it actually is according to meteorologists.
Industrial Air Conditioners
Industrial air conditioners can be used to cool a tent but the tent should be enclosed to have any great effect and they generally are best cooling the area close to the unit itself.
Evaporative Coolers
Evaporative coolers work by drawing air through a wet pad and then pushing the cooled air through a fan.  They can cool the air in a large area due to the size of the fan used and when cooled air is brought into a tent, heated air will usually leave.
Misting fans
Install a misting fan system which blows a water mist over a large area.  Water is blown through misting nozzles which produces a fog of water droplets so fine they can barely be seen. This fog is so fine that your skin and clothing won’t feel wet; you simply experience a cool feeling.  As the fine mist shoots out from the fan, some of it evaporates. Since evaporation requires heat, the molecules pull the heat they need from the air around them, leaving the air cooler!
The fine mist from just one misting fan can lower the temperature by as much as 15c in areas directly in front of the fan.
Rowe Services can provide misting fans to events to help lower the air temperature.  All you need is water and an electrical connection!
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