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What do I do if I think that my tent is going to shift due to the wind?

If you are using a tent and feel that your leg weights are not enough and the wind is threatening to cause your tent to fly away, action is required.  Hired a tent company for your tent rental? Give them a call and have them come out to help you urgently. If you don’t think you can wait for them to arrive, it is important to try and remove the walls and/or canopy.


If you are using a 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 pop-up tent, it is fairly easy to remove the fabric tent walls and canopy in an emergency. Do this as quickly and safely as you can.  Remember, NEVER remove the weights. It might even be helpful to have people stand on the weights of each leg to add weight to the tent support while others remove the walls and canopy. But if having people stand on those weights seems risky do not attempt that!


If you are using a larger tent such as a marquee tent, call your tent provider as soon as you feel that wind is a threat, and have them come and take down the canopy.  Do not wait until it is too late and the wind picks up your tent and causes harm.  Generally, do not try and remove a marquee canopy on your own.
Be sure and understand the basic function of any tent that you are using, as a tent company can not always get to your site quickly and you may need to take drastic action. Drastic action could be taking off the walls and/or canopy. Drastic action could also mean evacuating the tent and the area that the tent may flip over to or move towards.
Rowe Services provides tent rentals and provides safety instructions on all it’s rentals!
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