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How long does it take disinfectant to kill COVID-19?

How long does it take disinfectant to kill COVID-19 depends on the disinfectant.

There are two main factors:

Can your disinfectant kill COVID-19?  Not every disinfectant can.  Ensure you check the Health Canada website to see if your disinfectant is listed as being approved.
Every disinfectant has a dwell time or kill time. This is the time that the disinfectant must be left wet on the surface. If you spray and wipe it off right away, you have not given the disinfectant enough time to kill COVID-19.
Rowe Services provides Bioesque Plant Based Disinfectant which has a dwell time or kill time of 4 minutes. This means you must leave the wet disinfectant on the surface for 4 minutes before the virus is killed.  If you have applied in a fine spray you don’t even need to wipe it off which saves time.  Use an electrostatic sprayer, but be sure to use it with an appropriate sized nozzle rated for the disinfectant you are using!
Rowe Services can help you with your disinfectant and electrostatic sprayer needs!
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