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What size nozzle should I use on my electrostatic sprayer to kill COVID-19?

That depends on your disinfectant.
Every disinfectant has a different dwell time or kill time.  This is the time the disinfectant is rated to kill COVID-19.  For example, Bioesque Plant Based Disinfectant which Rowe Services sells, takes four minutes to kill COVID-19.
There are a few different nozzles available on electrostatic sprayers and the micron size affects your Drying / Dwell time.
Three examples of nozzles and what they do are as follows:
45 micron – provides 3-4 minutes of dry time
60 micron – provides 5-7 minutes of dry time
70 micron – provides 6-10 minutes of dry time
Health Canada approves disinfectants at a specific dilution and for a specific dwell time so choose the nozzle that works for you!
One other factor to think about is where you are spraying.  There is often a greater comfort level with the smaller droplet size, when passing over electronics and papers on a desk
For the Bioesque disinfectant, all the nozzle sizes above would work, but the 45 micron nozzle would mean you would also use less product with each application.
Rowe Services can provide you with an electrostatic sprayer!
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