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How can I prepare a business that has close contact between employees and customers due to COVID-19?

Your local health authorities have a lot of information on this.  WorkSafe BC is a very good resource.

Some of the considerations should be:

  • Look for ways to reduce contact between employees and between employees and customers that are specific to your business.
  • Install sneeze guards at the counter
  • Maintain a minimum of 6ft from customers
  • Mark a safe distance from the counter on the floor
  • Use paperless contracts
  • Have customers stay in their cars if that is possible. have customers text when they arrive, so you can meet them
  • Wear gloves and face masks to reduce the risks of spreading viruses during close contact
  • Provide hand sanitizer for employees and customers
  • Arrange for appointment only interactions.
  • Offer virtual tours of your show room if that is your type of business
  • Clean and sanitize work spaces, including door knobs and light switches after each transaction
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