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What are the food trends for 2020?

Every year there are new food trends for events. 2020 is no different.

Foodstorm has published their list of trends for 2020 and one of the items is the grazing table.

Grazing tables allow guests to mingle over rustic bread, local cheeses and a variety of delicious meats and dips. The more diverse and colourful, the greater impact your grazing table will have.

They say that the trick to a good grazing table is to not skimp on the good stuff. Sure dragon fruit looks great in terms of presentation, but they guarantee your clients will be clinging to the good cheese and prosciutto. Consider texture too by combining soft and hard cheeses, smooth and coarse crackers, crunchy snacks and melt-in-your mouth magic. Make your grazing plate pop with passionfruit, figs and edible flowers.

Gourmand and Gourmet have a great post on how to put together the perfect grazing table!

Rowe Services has a grazing board that would enhance your event and add to the presentation of your food!


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