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What rentals do I need to run a warehouse sale or an overstock sale?

Warehouse or overstock sales are very common, so what rentals do I need to run a warehouse sale or an overstock sale? Lots of businesses hold them to get rid of excess inventory.

Display of your items

In order to determine what rentals you might need to display your items, you need to think about what kind of items you will be selling.

  1. Will you need to hang clothing? If so, you will need garment racks.
  2. Are you selling skis and snow boards? Then you will need ski and snowboard racks.
  3. Are you selling bikes? Then you need racks for bikes.
  4. Will you need to display items? If so, you may need tables.  Tables generally come in three lengths.  4’, 6’ and 8’.  They also come in 18”, 24” and 30” widths.  The most common width is 30”

Movement of product

Moving your product around can be done in a few ways

  • Garment or laundry bins are a good way to move loose items from place to place or even old cardboard for recycling
  • Pallet jacks are very useful for moving product that is often stacked on pallets
  • Dollies are good for moving boxes


Don’t forget you need signage in many locations of your sale.

The entrance – welcome signs, schedule and directional signage

Inside the sale – directional signage, item display signs, cost of items

Cash out – cashier number if it’s a large setup and then people can see where each cashier is

Signage can be added to your retractable stanchions in frames or you could mount large coroplast signs on 8’ static upright posts.

You will need crowd control of some sort!

Retractable stanchions are an easy way to create walk ways at your entrance or even at your cash out.  You may even want to consider having hand sanitizer pumps located on your stanchion posts.

Do you need change rooms?

Are you thinking about providing change rooms for people to try on clothing?  If so portable change rooms can be created using pipe and drape.  Rowe Events can make portable change rooms out of draping.

Do you need mirrors?

The people attending your sale may want to see what they look like before buying an item.  If they can’t check out how they look, they might not buy.  So you should ensure that they have some way to see how they look in an item!

You will need a cash out area

What would a warehouse sale or overstock sale be without a cash out?  You will want to use a table that has a leg extension to raise them up to a 40” height. (A normal table is 30” high) Then you cover your table with a vinyl cover and place skirting around them.  We don’t suggest using a linen as they will probably get ink from pens or liquids from drinks on them during the sale.

General draping

You may be holding your sale in an existing warehouse and need to drape off areas you don’t want the public to access.  Drape is usually available in 8’, 12’ and 17’ heights, multiple colours and can go any length.

What do you need for your staff area?

  1. Do you need tables and chairs? Maybe some 60” rounds and black folding chairs will do the trick.  You probably don’t need any linens.
  2. Do you need storage for your staff belongings? Maybe make some shelving out of two tables stacked one on top of the other?
  3. Since warehouse sales are usually over many days you may need to provide a fridge and microwave
  4. You will want to hide your staff area so you will probably need draping


Rowe Events has everything you need in order to run a warehouse sale or overstock sale.

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