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What is a marquee tent?

A marquee tent is a type of temporary structure that is commonly used for outdoor events such as weddings, corporate events, festivals, and other special occasions. Marquee tents are typically made of heavy-duty materials such as vinyl or canvas and feature a high peaked roof supported by a series of poles.

Marquee tents can be customized to suit different needs and preferences. They can be made in various sizes, shapes, and designs, with features such as windows, doors, flooring, and lighting. Some marquee tents are designed to be modular, allowing them to be expanded or contracted as needed.

Marquee tents are popular for outdoor events because they provide shelter from the elements, such as rain or sunshine, while still allowing guests to enjoy the outdoor surroundings. They also offer a blank canvas for event planners and designers to create a customized space that reflects the theme and style of the event.

Rowe Events carries marquee tents ranging from 10 x 10 to 10 x20 to 20 x20 and you can combine them to suit your size requirements.

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