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How can I quickly disinfect my business to help protect my staff and customers against COVID-19?

Using a disinfectant that kills the coronavirus on surfaces that people are touching is extremely important but is also very time consuming.  The traditional method is to use a spray pump bottle and wipe. This can take a person hours to do a large area and cost a business hundreds of dollars a week when it should be done on a daily basis.

There is a better way.

Instead of using a spray pump bottle use an electrostatic sprayer. Electrostatic sprayers positively charge a disinfectant as it comes through a nozzle. Everything else around us is a negative charge, so it basically gets the positive attracted to the negative. The disinfectant attaches to the materials you want to sanitize.

The idea is simple

Static electricity creates the attraction much like clothes out of a dryer, or a balloon when you rub it on your hair, only it’s a lifesaving disinfectant.

Using bleach wipes or simple power washing is simply not enough these days. Electrostatic disinfecting is quickly becoming the preferred method to ensure safety.

Traditional wiping also usually focuses on top surfaces. Electrostatic spraying puts the disinfectant around all surfaces due to how the sprayer charges the disinfectant as it leaves the nozzle.

Rowe Services have PAX Electrostatic sprayers for sale, rent or we can come to your place of business and handle the spraying for you.  We also have water-soluble disinfectant available for purchase!

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