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Should my staff be wearing Eye Protection to protect them from COVID -19?


Masks protect your airway, but they do not protect your eyes from flying particles. When people speak, they are aerosolizing their saliva and spraying droplets containing bacteria and possible viruses into the air. This means they could get to your eyes.

You have a few options for eye protection:

Safety Glasses – glasses that have been toughened or laminated so they are less likely to splinter when broken

Safety Goggles – close-fitting eyeglasses with side shields

Face Shield – a device used to protect the entire face (or part of it) from potentially infectious materials


Infectious materials can enter through the eyes, so wear eye protection to minimize your risk.

Eye protection can remind you to keep your hands away from your face.

The staff at Rowe Services always wear eye protection while working on any job sites

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