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What could I do to prepare my business to re-open due to COVID-19?

In the case of a pandemic or when dealing with a rapidly spreading virus, you may need to make changes to schedules and the company facilities.   Some of the considerations could be:

  • Reduce the number of workers or modify work days or hours.  Could workers work remotely
  • Think about how people will enter and exit facility in a safe manner
  • Work to minimize contact in high traffic areas
  • Have hand sanitizer stations at entrances
  • Ensure safe work stations. They should have staggered seating and plastic screens
  • Consider replace water coolers with water bottles
  • Ensure break rooms have staggered seating
  • Consider air filters as air circulation without filters can increase distance of travel
  • Post signs at the entrance to all rooms with maximum capacity
  • Consider one way movement in hallways
  • Consider increasing the number of wash stations by using portable units

Rowe Services can help with all of the considerations mentioned above

COVID-19 Reality



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