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24″ wide Plywood Tables

These 24″ wide plywood tables are generally used with a table cover of some sort and can be used when space usage is tight. For example they would be handy…

27″ square white table with chairs

A 27″ square white table with chairs is great for an elegant dinner for two. They come paired with a white linen.  Perfect for Weddings and Diner en Blanc aficionados!
27 white table

27″ square white tables

These 27″ square white tables are great for a dinner for two. Pair them with our white chairs with or without a linen.

30″ Round Pedestal Table

The 30″ round pedestal table is perfect for any event that wants to have tables for two people.  They come in two heights. 30″ and 42″. At 30″ in height,…

30″ wide Wood Banquet Tables

Our 30″ wide wood banquet tables are perfect for meetings, dinners and display tables.  Two sizes available.  A 6′ table can seat up to 3 people on each side. A…
4ft rectangle tables

4′ Rectangle Table

Lightweight 4’ rectangle table for your indoor or outdoor gatherings and weddings.  Height is adjustable from 24” to 29” to 34”. Would be a perfect size for a cake table…

8’x24″ Wood Banquet Tables

Our 8’x24″ wood banquet tables are perfect for meetings, dinners and display tables.  A 24″ wide table is used when you need a little extra space!  
table 60 inch round

Banquet Round

Our premium Banquet Round is a plywood table manufactured from the highest quality birch plywood. They are specifically made for strength, non-warping characteristics and long term durability. The folding legs…
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