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Pipe & Drape

upright extension

Upright extension

Add an upright extension to our 8′ uprights to allow for a banner to be added to a display or tradeshow backdrop. They come in 2′ heights Made of 1…
9 inch valance hanger

9″ Valance Hanger

Have you ever wanted to create a double layer of drape? Maybe you have a red drape along the back and want to swap with white in front of it? …
3 ft static crossbar

Fixed Crossbars

Our fixed crossbars are good when you know you have a fixed distance between upright posts. Hooks on either end attach to slots in the uprights. Sizes available: 3′  
Clip rod

Clip rod

A clip rod goes at the top of an upright and allows you to create a hanger that extends from 19″ to 34″  
Curved crossbar

Curved crossbar

This 10.5′ long curved crossbar is great when you need a curved look or some extra room behind some draping!

Adjustable Uprights

Our Adjustable Uprights are made of 2″ O.D. anodized aluminum tubing. They utilize a friction collar to allow for variable height. Sizes available are: 4′-7′ 7′-12′ 7′-17′ 9′-23′ Pushing up…

Fixed Uprights

All our fixed uprights include four slots at the top for connecting crossbars. They come in 3′ and 8′ heights Made of 1 1/2″ O.D. anodized aluminum tubing.
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