Pipe & Drape


Black Plush – 17′ High Drape

Our Medium Weight Black Plush Fabric is finished on one side and is great for when you need to block out light or you want a heavier fabric!

Fixed Uprights

All our fixed uprights include four slots at the top for connecting crossbars. They come in 3′ and 8′ heights Made of 1 1/2″ O.D. anodized aluminum tubing.

Adjustable Uprights

Our Adjustable Uprights are made of 2″ O.D. anodized aluminum tubing. They utilize a friction collar to allow for variable height. Sizes available are: 4′-7′ 6′-12′ 7′-12′ 7′-17′ 9′-23′ Pushing…
35lb base plate


Our baseplates are made for use with different uprights. 35lb baseplates are for 12′ – 17′ uprights. 17lb baseplates are for 8′ uprights and 3′ baseplates are as the name…
mushroom cap

Mushroom Caps

Mushrooms caps are used to give you the option of adding up to 2 cross bars going four different ways.  These are great for wedding canopy corners!
shelf splitter

Shelf Splitter

A shelf splitter is used when you want to add a cross bar to another cross bar at a 90 degree angle.
valence hanger

Valance Hanger

Have you ever wanted to create a double layer of drape? Maybe you have a red drape along the back and want to swap with white in front of it? …