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inline plug extension

In-line extension multi plug cable

Our In-line extension multi plug cables come in three lengths. 10′ 15′ 20′ They enable you to accurately and quickly add lights where you want them. Plugs are 18″ apart.…
Tent uplight

LED tent uplight

Sometimes you just want to light the inside of a tent with a little more light.  This is how you can easily do that! Add one of our LED tent…
Laser DJ light

Laser DJ light

This Laser DJ light is great for a DIY dance party! Just set it on the floor near the sound system, aim it at the ceiling and the effects come…
LED rechargeable light

LED rechargeable white light

Use a LED rechargeable white light for up-lighting, lighting a stage, behind or in front of a drape, light a table or light a tent. They provide 500 / 1000…
LED c6 white lights

White LED string lights

These white LED string lights are a great addition to any event.  Great for lighting up trees! They come in 33′ lengths with 100 bulbs and only use 10w of…
white uplight

LED 400w RGB uplight

Use a LED 400w RGB uplight for up-lighting in front of a drape or a wall These RGB Color Changing Floodlights come with remote They provide white and four different…
Meteor shower light

Meteor shower light

Add a string of  Meteor shower lights to your outdoor celebration. Each string comes with 10 – 12 inch tubes. Length of cable is 20′  
50 ft multi receptacle extension

50 ft multi receptacle extension

Our 50 ft multi receptacle extension makes adding lights every 10 ft really easy.  Now you can use one cord instead of multiple extension cords and power bars.  Helps to…
scrolling LED sign

LED Scrolling Message Sign

Use our LED Scrolling Message Sign to provide your guests with a message. Bright LED 3 color sign attracts attention Bluetooth Technology allows for easy wireless use Can be seen…
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