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Giant Four-in-a-row

Giant Four-in-a-row is a great game for the whole family or a group of friends! Playing service measures 42″W x 25″H Rules can be found by clicking here    …


Have some fun with this traditional backyard game. Bocce can be played by all ages!   Rules can be found here    
Mini golf

9 hole mini golf

Rent this 9 hole mini golf to add even more fun to your event! Choose the theme that is right for your event. Includes 23 putters, a bucket of golf…
Selfie booth

Selfie photo booth

Add a selfie photo booth to any event for some added fun! Two price levels: Up to 2 hours Up to 4 hours Price is for unlimited photos and includes…
wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortune

Use a wheel of fortune for some fun at your event when you have a lot of prizes to give away.  Add a prize to each prize slot and let…

Puttball challenge

The rules of Puttball are similar to beer pong — the objective is to get a golf ball into all six cups before the opposing team. Any additional rules are…
putting green

Putting green challenge

Our 8′ putting green challenge is a great game addition to your golf tournament or friends and family gathering! It comes with two putters and three golf balls Holes are…
Chipping net

Chipping net

Use this chipping net as part of your golf tournament or family and friend gathering! One side provides three different targets that could have different values and the other side…
putting challenge

Putting challenge

Our putting challenge comes with a challenge board, two putters and six golf balls. Challenge your competitors to get the highest score by taking a number of shots.  The game…
beer pong table

Beer Pong table

Have some fun with your friends!  Our foldable Beer Pong table comes with dry erase pens and 5 ping pong balls.  You just need to supply the cups You can…
connect 4

Jumbo Four-in-a-row

Jumbo Four-in-a-row is a great game for the whole family or a group of friends! Playing service measures 24″W x 19″H Rules can be found by clicking here    …
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