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event supplies

Acer 770 tablet

Acer 770 tablet

The Acer 770 tablet is great for an event that requires the use of a tablet.  A tablet will last for up to 4 hours depending on useage. Screen is…
Acrylic slanted display stand

Acrylic Slanted Display Frames

Our Acrylic Slanted Display Frames are often used to put up temporary small signs. They are also great for the display of auction item descriptions. Two sizes are available.  5″x7″…
alligator clip 3

Alligator Clip Stands

Our Alligator Clip Stands can be used to hold small signs such as table numbers or types of food.  We have both short stem and long stem sizes

Aluminum Easel

Our aluminum easel has 3 height selections for lots of usage choice! They measure 64″ high  
Anti-Fatigue mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat

An Anti-Fatigue mat is great for placement behind the bar to reduce fatigue for your bar tender! They are 2’ x 3’.
black carpet


We have black unfinished carpet available for coverage of stages or other areas requiring temporary carpeting. Only certain sizes available.
cash box

Cash box

Events still have the need for keeping transactions safe if you are collecting cash or tickets.  Our cash boxes can help with that!
wood hanger

Clothes Hangers

Our clothes hangers are great for any weight of garment!  They come in lightweight or heavy weight metal or wood.
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