Christmas Candle Holder

Our Christmas Candle Holder comes with your choice of coloured ornaments or pine cones.  Or you can add the an item to match your theme!
chinese gong

Traditional Chinese Gong

Have you ever needed a Traditional Chinese Gong for your event?  Well we are probably the only rental company to have one!
Lantern 17

17” Lanterns

These 17″ lanterns are great for hanging or for placement on a table. Include battery operated candle. Size: 8” diameter
Candle backdrop screen

Candle Backdrop Screen

This Candle Backdrop Screen is great for placement behind a wedding ceremony, a speaker or to maybe highlight a lounge area. Holds 39 candles
Lantern 13

13″ Lanterns

These 13″ lanterns are great for hanging in a lounge area. Include battery operated candle Size: 5” diameter

Plate Chargers

Plate chargers are great to add some sparkle to your tables. Two colours are available Size: 13” diameter.